Drew Boylhart   2/09

Jarett Dillard   WR   Rice         



Jarett is one of the best route runners in this draft.  He has excellent hands and is very acrobatic with great body control when catching the ball.  The kid has natural stickum on his hands.  He is very smart and knows how to set up a CB for the big play.  He has deceiving quickness because he runs with such a smooth gait.  For a small WR, he has unusually long strides and a great burst when the ball is in the air.  Jarett will always be the type of player who does not look impressive on film or even during a game, but when the game ends, he will be the reason in the passing game that your team got beat.  



He has to get stronger to handle the bump and run techniques at the next level.  If he can, he could become a #1 WR for your offense.  At worst, you have a dependable slot receiver who will move the chains and catch a lot of passes in the red zone.  



This kid reminds me a lot of Tom Waddle (former WR Bears).  He runs routes just like him.  He changes gears and cuts on a dime without losing speed.  The difference is that Tom lacked the sneaky burst to the ball when it is in the air that Jarett seems to possess.  They both had long strides for their size and this, more than anything else, is the reason why they get by so many CB's and safeties to make plays deep.   Jarett will not make it as a #1 WR if he cannot get bigger and stronger; however, he is ready made for the slot receiver position right now with the potential to be a #1 or #2 WR.  Now I know you think I'm nuts, but anyone who can run routes like this kid and has the ability to change his body in the air and catch the ball every time has the ability to be a #1 WR.  The big difference will be strength.  Look at Steve Smith (WR Panthers).  His ability to catch the ball in traffic and in double team situations is the reason he is a #1 WR; it is not his speed.  There are plenty of WR's who are faster than Steve, but none of them run routes and catch that ball the way he can.  Jarett can catch the ball like Steve Smith -- now all he has to do is get stronger and stay on the field to a prove it.  This kid has the potential to be something special.