Drew Boylhart   3/09

Jarron Gilbert   DT   San Jose St         



Jarron has excellent size, speed and explosive off-the-line measurables to be one of the best DT's or DE's in this draft.  He has the measurables that a top ten pick would love to have.  Jarron has been playing DT for his college team and some NFL teams feel that with his athletic talent he could become a DE.  Jarron knows how to get into the backfield.  There's just no apparent reason that I can see on film why this kid hasn't dominated and is not being talked about as a top ten pick in this draft.  Jarron has the long arms and ideal size for these positions; you would think that he should be the talk of this draft.  



Jarron is not being talked about in the draft as a top ten pick because he is just not playing up to his athletic potential.  He is not double teamed (from what I see on film), but he's blocked and stopped by offensive linemen that will never see an NFL field except on the TV.  There is obvious maturity issues on the field; therefore, I suspect there might be maturity issues off the field as well.  



I'm not going to waste much time or energy with a profile on a kid that has the physical talents this kid has and doesn't give the effort to become the player his talents suggests he can be. The only thing I see in this kid's future is for him to bulk up and become a DT for the team that will draft him on his potential.  I see great potential to fail, but others see great potential to mold the young man into a great player so they can get credit.  If Jarron does become successful, it will be because he decides to light a fire under his own ass.  No coach is going to make a difference with this kid.  Maybe -- just maybe -- something will happen in this kid's personal life to make him mature; unfortunately, I do not draft on maybe's.  I will take a calculated risk, but I don't draft maybe's!