Drew Boylhart   1/09

Jason Smith   OT   Baylor         



Jason has good size and quickness as well as those long arms that you like to have in your offensive linemen.  He does a good job when he latches onto his man in finishing his blocks.  He looks to be mentally tough and has very good mental and physical stamina.  Jason is a player who plays with excellent passion and drive.  All in all, Jason has some very good developmental talents to be a solid offensive lineman for the next level.  



Jason is the worst run blocking offensive lineman that I have ever seen being considered as a top ten pick.  Does anyone but me watch film at all?  As far as pass coverage is concerned, on every third and long, he was covered up with a TE off the line.  Jason has a chance to be a good zone blocking offensive lineman because he moves his feet well, but that's as far as I will go.  He has talent; however, his LTI is at least three to four years away from competing at the next level.  I like the kid, but not as a first rounder.  



This is ridiculous!  Just because a kid plays LT in college and has some athletic talent does not mean he should automatically be considered a top ten talent in the draft!  Jason has good developmental talent to be a LG for the next level but he has a very long way to go.  He does some of the strangest things on a football field that I have ever seen.  Against Wake Forest, he was on the ground more than the man who fixes the invisible fence for your yard.  I watched Jason pull one time and he did a good job until he went to block his man.  He never put his arms out in front, dove over the man he was supposed to block and landed right on his head.  On another play, he tried to block the man in front of him straight on, so he dropped his head, lunged and landed on his face mask!  His techniques in both the running game and passing game are very raw.  He does have talent and passion and I can see, with some patience and in the right scheme, that he could be a hell of a left guard, but believe me that is down the road.  Good kid or not, if you rate a player as a top ten pick in a draft then he has to be ready to start for your team.  Jason is not close to that and people that tell him otherwise are just setting this kid up to fail.