Drew Boylhart   3/09

Jasper Brinkley   LB   South Carolina         



Jasper is a powerful LB who is an excellent tackler.  He has great quickness and burst; he shows very good instincts when defending against the run.  He has excellent size and natural strength.  Jasper is intimidating.  He is made for a 3-4 defense as an inside LB.  If you draft him and think he is going to impact in any other style of defense, you are barking up the wrong tree.  Inside the red zone, this kid is going to stop a whole lot of teams that like to run the ball.  In some divisions, Jasper is what I call a needed commodity.  



Jasper had a knee injury that kept him from playing at full strength this year -- that will have to be checked out.  Also, he never was the type of LB that was going to be a good pass defender except in a zone system.  Jasper needs to keep the play in front of him to impact.  What you see is what you get with Jasper.



Jasper is a systems LB; however, if you use him correctly, he can be an impacting systems LB.  His ability to stop the run is a lost art with the LB's and coaches today.  The problem is that stopping the run is still to this day one of the most important aspects of a dominating defense.  Out in the middle of the field (unless a team is running for a first down), Jasper might be a bit of a liability; but, if you want a successful defense I suggest you draft this kid and COACH BETTER!   Two-down LB's have been the backbone of a good defense for years.  That is why nickel and dime defenses were invented.  Now, it seems if the MLB or ILB cannot run a 4.5 40-time, teams do not want to draft them.  Why does a MLB need to run the full length of the field backwards?  All you accomplish is wearing that player down so that he is too tired to tackle in the fourth quarter.  More teams are losing in the fourth quarter because MLB's are tired from running all game long backwards to defend against the pass in the middle of the field.  Use a kid like Jasper to stop the run with a nickel-dime behind him and guess what?  You just might stop that RB who would normally get a long run in the fourth quarter to break the game wide open.  Duh!