Drew Boylhart   12/08

Javon Ringer   RB/ST   Michigan St         



Javon reminds me a lot of Kevin Falk (RB Patriots).  He can do a little bit of everything and do them all well.  He can catch the ball out of the back field, block for a blitz, run a little between the tackles and turn the corner.  In general, he's smart and a very solid RB.  He looks to be a good teammate and gives excellent effort on every down.  Javon should be a hard-working RB for the team that drafts him.  



Javon is not a starting RB for a couple of different reasons.  Injuries are a big concern and balance is also a problem.  Javon can be arm tackled because he runs up on his toes and when he gets hit, he gets off balance and is easy to take down.  In the open field, he does not show the quick-cutting ability needed to make opponents miss him.  



In a zone blocking scheme, Javon could dominate and gain a lot of yards before he gets injured.  In a play action offense with a good blocking offensive line, Javon could be a hell of a back; however, he is not the type of back that makes an offensive line better.  The offensive line has to already be good for Javon to excel.  Javon looks to be a hard worker and does have decent speed.  I suspect that as a third down back, he could be very useful.  He must get better at blocking for the blitz or he will not see the field.  He also has to get stronger in his upper and lower body and has to address the chronic injuries that keep him from being consistent.  Javon is the type of back that you just never know how well he can do at the next level, so if you need a RB in the latter rounds you pick him and see what might happen.  He is a hard worker and does have talent; he should help on special teams and that should be enough to bring him into a camp and see what might develop.