Drew Boylhart   1/09

Jeremy Maclin   WR/ST   Missouri         



Jeremy is an offensive coordinator's dream come true.  He is an excellent WR with quickness, speed and the hands to catch the ball in hurricane-like winds.  He is smart and understands situational football.  He can read defense and runs excellent routes.  He can beat man-to-man deep and is strong enough and quick enough to handle the bump and run.  He is a very smart zone receiver and is a QB's best friend during a game.  Jeremy can break the big play at anytime during a game and will come up with the big catch every time you need it during a game or to win a game.  Add to this his ability to impact on special teams and you have a very special football player.  



As long as Jeremy keeps working as hard as he does right now, there is nothing he will not be able to accomplish on the football field.  It's all up to him and there is no doubt in my mind that he will.



There are a lot of good WR's in the draft and you have to rate Jeremy as one of the best or maybe the best.  He is ready for the big time and his LTI (length to impact) is quicker or just as good as Crabtree's.  If a team decides to pick him ahead of Crabtree, I would not be surprised.  He is that good.  If the Indianapolis Colts drafted this kid, he would make the fans forget Marvin Harrison.  That's how good this kid can be.  He is a different style WR than Crabtree, so he might fit a team better than Crabtree, which would be the difference.  However, both players should be outstanding WR's for the teams that draft them.  If I had to choose between them, I would pick the player who better fits the offense I run.  Is it a run after the catch offense or more vertical or spread?  That is the only way I could choose between them, but once I made the choice, I would never look back because both players are going to be impact franchise WR's for the teams that draft them.  I call him Jeremy (Son of a B@#$%) Maclin because every time Jeremy makes a play the opposing coach will be saying "Son of a B@#$%!"  as Jeremy scores.