Drew Boylhart   12/08

John Parker Wilson   QB   Alabama   



John has decent size and athleticism to play his position.  He has a strong arm as well as good accuracy and velocity on the ball.  He can make all the throws, even throwing on the move with accuracy.  John is a smart QB with not a lot of ego.  He understands situational football and shows solid leadership skills on the field.  John is the type of QB that everyone looks for an excuse to downgrade and the fans don't seem to appreciate.  He is not flashy.  He is a technician, which is not very exciting.  John Parker Wilson is a very good all around QB.  



John will need to bulk up and get bigger if he wants to be a full time starter in the NFL.  He will also need a good coach and the right system to be effective. The kid should do very well in the WCO system.      



John reminds me a lot of Phil Simms (former QB, Garden State Giants).  He has that same type of competent way about him that makes you overlook how good the kid really is.  He is very smart and understands the technical aspects of playing his position.  My biggest concern about John is his slight frame and can he carry more bulk without it affecting his ability to throw and be accurate.  I really think that John is a perfect fit for the WCO offense, but I have no doubt he can play in just about any offensive system.  The kid is that smart.  The problem with playing in a vertical play action offense comes full circle back to the lack of bulk issue once again.  I would think a team like the Seattle Seahawks would jump all over this kid as a possible replacement for Matt Hasselback.  John is going to surprise a lot of people in a couple of years and, if he is drafted by a team that is using a WCO system and he can stay on the field, he could become a Pro Bowl QB.  I like the competent way he goes about playing the QB position.  He is a winner with a short LTI for a team that uses the West Coast Offense.