Drew Boylhart   3/09

Jonathan Luigs   OC   Arkansas         



Jonathan has good size for his position.  He shows excellent effort and leadership skills and has been an asset on the field to his team and coaches.  Jonathan looks to be a very good teammate and a can make all the snaps needed to play in any style of offense.  He looks to be a solid center for the next level.    



Jonathan plays too high and loses leverage with a player on his nose.  He must get strong physically, as the real issue is how easily a player his size he can get moved into the backfield.  Most of his problems come from technique and leverage issues that will take a few years to straighten out.  Jonathan also does not move very well laterally, which will be an issue when pass blocking at the next level.  Most of his weaknesses can be corrected with hard work and experience.    



Jonathan should be a solid center for the team that drafts him, but I'm not sure he will be anything other than a center, which is not a good thing.  Centers should be able to move over to the guard positions.  Unfortunately, right now, Jonathan is not good enough in pass blocking to be moved to the LG position and he does not fire out and dominate enough when run blocking to be an outstanding RG.  Right now, he has the potential to be a solid center for the team that drafts him in a division that does not go up against a lot of 3-4 defenses.  If that is all a team expects of Jonathan when they draft him, then he will be all right.