Drew Boylhart   12/08

Jorvorskie Lane   FB   Texas A&M          



Jorvorskie is a powerful, athletic FB.  He has good feet and does a solid job catching the ball out of the backfield and moving the chains on third downs.  He is a pile mover, but he also has the athletic talent to be more than a pile mover. Jorvorskie has athletic talent similar to Jerome Bettis and, if he gets in better shape, he could become more than just a fullback for the next level.  This is a sleeper type of pick because this kid has some very good and natural hidden talents.  



The first thing that Jorvorskie has to do is lose weight and gain more muscle.  He also has to improve on picking up the blitz when pass blocking.  He has to get smarter about his own potential.  If this kid gets in better shape and takes football seriously, he will be a better NFL player than he was a college player. 



In this kid's junior year, he showed excellent potential to be a good fullback, but I think he has more talent than that.  This year, because he did not fit the offensive scheme, he sat on the bench a lot which may have been the best thing for him.  Maybe he realized that if he was in better shape and had shown all of his natural talents in his junior year, he would have been used more in the new scheme.  You see, Jorvorskie has a lot more talent, but because he was overweight and could bully just about anybody he wanted to gain four or five yards, he did not bother to work on his natural talents.  The truth is, in my opinion, he has much more talent and for the next level could be a back who is more than just a full back.  I'm not suggesting that he is going to turn corners and beat everyone on speed, but I am going to tell you that in between the tackles, this kid is powerful and quick and does have a little wiggle to his game and could be used as an every down back or at least as a team's main two-down back.  He has that type of potential.  I can see the Steelers looking hard at this kid and teaming him with Willie Parker in a thunder and lightning combination that could be very effective.  So, remember the name Jorvorskie Lane.  I don't believe that he will be drafted as high as I have him rated.  Rob is the genius on what round a player will be drafted not me.  This kid could be something special if there is a chip on his shoulder and he wants to work hard.  Look for a cold weather team to be as intrigued as I am by this kid's potential to be more than just a fullback.  The combine will be very big for this kid -- I'm talking huge!