Drew Boylhart   2/09

Josh Freeman   QB   Kansas St         



Josh Freeman has the arm strength, height and overall athletic talent to play QB at the next level and at a very high level.  He is a multi-talented player who could play more than one position in the NFL if he desires to do so.  He has good feet and has those long legged strides that, once he starts running, can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.  There is no question about Josh's athletic talent and arm strength, but there are many questions about Josh's maturity and coachability for the next level.  



Josh is not close to being ready for the next level.  His athletic talent, his leadership skills and his work ethic all need work -- they are not at the level needed for him to be successful in the pros.  This kid is in for a big shock if he truly thinks that he is ready to be an NFL starting QB!   



Personally, I would not invest any money in this kid at this time.  But that's just me being a pain in the hindquarters about the fact that it takes more than talent to play in the NFL.  He is not starter material because he is not coachable at this point of his career.  He can throw the long ball very well, but that's about it.  Josh also struggles with making plays from the pocket.  I do have to say that when this kid is on, he's on.  If he gets into a rhythm, he looks just like a real live big time professional QB and then when the adversity hits, he becomes a mess.  The mental stamina to be the face of a franchise and carry a team through a 16 game schedule is just not there right now and I question if it will ever be!  He can win a game or two alone on his athletic ability, but that is about it.  Josh could mature into being a professional QB some time in his sixth or seventh year,  if he lasts that long!  In my opinion, Josh will need a very strong coach and team to be successful.  Then, and only then, will Josh have a chance to live up to his talent.  This kid has made a big mistake coming out early.  He needs another three or four years of college on top of the three years he all ready has to be ready to play in the NFL.