Drew Boylhart   12/08

Juaquin Iglesias   WR   Oklahoma   



Juaquin reminds me a lot of Jericho Cotchery (WR Jets).  He has good size and excellent quickness.  His route running improves every game I watch him play.  Juaquin has very good hands and is starting to understand situational football.  He moves the chains and is a tough kid who will go over the middle to catch the ball.  It looks like he is a very good teammate with an excellent work ethic because of his surprising improvement this year from game to game. This kid has talent.  Some of it may be hidden at this point, but it is there.  



Juaquin may remind me of Jericho, but he is not as far along in his WR development as Jericho was when he came out in the draft.  That being said, if the kid improves as quickly as he has this year, he could very well turn into a #1 WR.  Before that can happen, he will have to learn to deal with the bump and run, get stronger, run much better routes and learn to get deep.  In the meantime, he should be a pretty good punt returner.     



Juaquin still has a lot to learn.  He has to learn how to use his speed to get deep as well as run better routes than he does right now.  He does a very good job getting open and understands how to help his QB out at critical times in a game.  He also has great hands, but his best attribute is his quickness off the line and in and out of breaks.  As soon as Juaquin learns the tricks of the trade, he will become one of the main cogs in a team's passing game.  He should become a QB's best friend because he has excellent hands.  Juaquin will learn how to get deep and when he does, he will become a very difficult WR to cover one on one.  Teams will look at him on film and think they should be able to cover him one on one, but once they get on the field and the game starts, they will discover otherwise.  Juaquin has the ability to become a #1 WR, but it will take some time.  He still has a lot to learn, but I do like this kid's potential and he looks to have a very good work ethic.