Drew Boylhart   3/09

Keenan Lewis   CB   Oregon St         



Keenan has those quick twitch, in your face, man-to-man cover skills that every team needs in the NFL.  He is a smart player and loves a challenge.  He wants to be the top dog CB on the field.  He has quick feet and understands how to read WR's as they run their routes to defend and look for the ball in the air at just the right time.  Keenan was used by his college team to shut down the opponent's top WR's all season long and he did an excellent job.   



Keenan has to get a whole lot stronger without it affecting his quickness.  He also has to acquire good defensive bump-and-run techniques.  At the next level, he has to get stronger to tackle better or there will be a lot of WR's that will run right through this kid after they catch the ball.  As far as I could tell, Keenan doesn't play (or hasn't played) much zone defense and to play zone defense, you have to be able to tackle.        



Keenan is a hell of a cover corner, but that is not enough at the next level.  He has to learn zone techniques and how to play within the scheme of the defense that his teammates are playing.  His cover skills might be the best in this draft, but it's the other phases of the game in which Keenan has not developed that concern me.  If Keenan wants to be a #1 CB, then he has to get bigger, stronger and become more of a team player.  He has excellent talent and looks to have a good work ethic.  I think with his athletic talent and cover skills that Keenan will become a Pro Bowl CB for the team that drafts him in the future.