Drew Boylhart   2/09

Kenny Britt   WR   Rutgers         



Kenny is that long, lanky style of WR who surprises you with his speed because of the ground he can cover with one stride.  He knows the receiver tree and can run all the routes with precision.  He has good hands and looks to be a technically sound WR at the college level.  Kenny plays in a pro style offense and his LTI should be quick.  He reminds me a lot of Plaxico Burress (WR Giants), but without the baggage.  He looks to be a solid teammate and I think that he is smart enough not to shoot himself with his own gun (if he even owns one)!  Kenny looks to be a quality future #1 WR for the team that drafts him




Kenny is not much of a run-after-the-catch kind of guy.  He will make yardage in the open field, but on crossing routes, he is very worried about someone going after his legs.  He catches the ball fine going over the middle, but is overly cautious after the catch and easy to bring down.  When Kenny runs, he has a bad habit of carrying the ball away from his body and this at the next level will cause him to fumble.  He also is not consistent when he blocks and #1 WR must be good on every play. Right now, he lacks the leadership skills and consistency to be a #1 NFL WR, but given the time, I think he will grow into one.   



Some teams will rate Kenny high and others not so high.  In this draft, he could wind up being drafted in the late part of the first round, which would not be a mistake.  He has 1st round talent and should impact, but he is not much on special teams.  If Kenny really wants to be a # 1 WR he will have to step his game up to become even more accomplished and consistent than he is right now.  His blocking skills must improve as should his aggressiveness to get to the ball any time it is thrown.  In short, Kenny must become more of a leader through his play on the field and gain the respect and trust of his teammates; he needs to impact on every play.  He has some football maturing to do, but he comes from a good program that has not pushed him and has let him grow at his own pace emotionally.  Now Kenny will have to step up on his own, which may take a little time.  Even so, the rewards when it does happen should be outstanding.  Kenny has the potential to be as good as Burress and in spite of all my criticism of Plaxico, once he got on the field and "decided" to play, he was a hell of a talent.