Drew Boylhart   4/09

Kevin Barnes   CB   Maryland        



Kevin has excellent athletic talent to play his position.  He has fluid hips, quick feet and plays very good in a zone defense.  He also has the athletic potential to play in single coverage.  Kevin is a smart CB and understands how to bait a QB into making big mistakes when he is in zone coverage.  He has good hands to make the interception.  Kevin could be a hell of a CB If he can correct one big problem.  



That big problem is that Kevin is too skinny to take the pounding in the NFL as a starting CB.  I don't believe he has the body type that will allow him to put more muscle on his frame or bulk up without it affecting his quickness.  Also, he has problems tackling big WR's and his open field tackling leaves a lot to be desired.  Other than those issues, he does have potential.  



If Kevin can add bulk without it affecting his quickness and can learn to tackle better, particularly in the open field, only then can he become a good zone coverage CB.  That's quite a long list isn't it?!  Then let's go in this direction.  If Kevin can bulk up so that he can use some bump and run techniques and then get stronger so that the big WR's don't push him around when running their routes, AND at the same time, not lose quickness when he bulks up so that he can defend against the smaller quicker WR's, he MAY make it as a CB for the team that drafts him...I think!  You get my drift?  As a specialty nickel-dime CB, he better learn to tackle better.  He could still be useful because he can intercept the ball and he is smart.