Drew Boylhart   1/09

Knowshon Moreno   RB   Georgia         



Knowshon is lightning quick and fast and can make more moves than the tea cup ride in the kiddie park of your favorite amusement park.  He is a shake and bake RB who has good power when he needs to get the yards to move the chains.  He is smart and loves to make the big play.  Knowshon has the hands to catch the ball out of the backfield and down the field like a WR.  He reminds me of  a former RB for the St Louis Rams, Marshall Faulk.  



He will have to get bigger and stronger, but that will not be a problem. Knowshon will have to get better at picking up blitzing LB's also.  He does a good job now, but we all know that it is a little trickier in the NFL.  Knowshon is a franchise player, but not a franchise back.  Move him around, keep him on the field and don't just run him between the tackles.  What I'm saying is, "Draft him and COACH BETTER!" 



A talent like Knowshon must be on the field for all downs; however, he should not be kept in the backfield all the time.  His talents are too valuable and he is a match-up nightmare for defensive coordinators if used this way.  Move him around and you have a franchise impact player.  Keep him just in the backfield and the defense still has a match-up challenge, but you limit his impact because of the possibility of injuries.  Thurman Thomas and Marshall Faulk were used this way and they had long careers.  Both players could catch the ball down the field and run routes like WR's.  They both also were excellent at picking up blitzing LB's. The true difference in Knowshon and other RB's in this draft is his shake and bake moves and the fact that he is the best RB at catching the ball thirty yards down the field.