Drew Boylhart   4/09

Kraig Urbik   OG   Wisconsin         



Kraig has nice size and solid athleticism to play his position.  He does a good job blocking in the passing game and shows a quick lateral step to help out his center in pass defense.  Kraig does a solid job hand-fighting DT's and has the stoutness not to be bull rushed and pushed back into his QB's face.  He also has the bulk and strength to be a good run blocker.  Kraig has some very good developmental talents for the team that drafts and might have some long rang potential to play the center position also.      



The surprise for me is that Kraig is a much better pass blocker than he is a run blocker.  He has good feet, but not great feet, so using him to pull in short areas is ok, but expecting Kraig to pull for a sweep around the offensive tackles is a big mistake.  Because of Kraig's blocking abilities, he does have potential to be a LG and not just a RG, but he must get better blocking for the run.  



Like I said, there is potential here, but it is way down the road because of Kraig's inability to block for the run consistently.  Kraig seems to do fine as long as he can get upright; however, when he fires out in the run game, he seems to hesitate.  This causes him all sorts of problems.  He needs to keep his head up and not worry about who he is supposed to block -- just block the guy he sees right in front of him into the ground.  He really struggles blocking for the run when a DT lines up on his outside shoulder and shoots the gap.  This is strictly a lack of confidence in techniques because Kraig has the athletic ability to combat this.  When his opponent lines up right over him, Kraig has very few problems when he fires out and does a good job blocking.  As soon as Kraig gains some confidence and learns the tricks of the trade, this kid should become a very good LG or RG for the team that drafts him.  I like this kid's long range talent.