Drew Boylhart   3/09

Larry English   LB   Northern Illinois         



Larry has demonstrates some athletic ability and plays the game with great passion.  He plays the DE position for his team, has good quickness off the line and some very mature pass-rushing moves.  He shows initial strength off the line of scrimmage and gives effort on every play.  At this point of the draft, Larry shows potential for developmental talents to be a situational pass rusher with some ability to be a starting DE down the future.   



Larry is a project if you want to change him into a OLB in a 3-4 defense.  It will take a few years for him to adjust to the nuances of that position and for him to have the same impact at the Pro level that he has had as a DE at the college level.  I'm not sure he has the make-up speed to be a LB, but he does have a good burst.  



Larry has decent talent and plays with a lot of passion.  As a DE, he has a good burst off the line and quickness, but he will have to get a lot stronger to be a DE at the pro level.  If you change him to the OLB position, I question his change of direction abilities along with his make-up speed and tackling techniques.  He looks to be a good kid, but I feel he might be a tweener -- not quick or fast enough to be a DE and just not athletic enough to be a OLB.  He could be a solid situational pass rusher and special teams player; however, in my opinion, it will take some time for him to impact as a OLB in a 3-4 defense.  In this draft, there is a plethora of 3-4 LB's to choose from whose LTI's will be much shorter.  I like Larry, but the truth is, I like him best with his hand down because when he rushes the passer in a 3 point stance, he gains leverage right away.  With his hand down he reminds me a little bit of Justin Tuck (DL Giants) because of his burst and ability to get under his opponent and gain an advantage.  I know a lot of people are hot for this kid; I just think his LTI is a little long as an OLB especially for the first round.  Take him later and use him as a DE and I think you might have something in the future.  Personally, I don't like taking developmental guys in the first round unless they have excellent athletic abilities or have shown they can change position easily in workouts.  I don't see that in this case.