Drew Boylhart   4/09

Lawrence Sidbury   DE   Richmond         



Lawrence has excellent size, speed and quickness to play his position.  He does a good job when rushing the passer and shows an excellent burst when closing in for a sack or tackle behind the line of scrimmage.  Lawrence loves to play in the big game and loves to make big plays in the big game.  The problem is that Lawrence has a long way to go before he is a DE that can play at the NFL level; however, he does posses all the natural athletic talent.    



Lawrence has to improve everything about his game.  From his attitude, to his work ethic, to his mental stamina, to his physical stamina.  He has to improve his ability to play against the run and to be a better teammate that plays every down with the same effort in every game.  I'm not convinced that he will ever be able to do all of this at this late stage of his career, but he could be a good situational pass rusher!    



Years ago before free agency, Lawrence is exactly the type of player you might take as high as the first or second round!  But, in my opinion, Lawrence needs way too much developmental time and will not produce enough for me to draft him until the second day of this draft.  By the time he gets bigger and stronger and learns to play the run, it will be the end of his first contract and you will have developed him for some other team.  Add to all that a year of injuries and you can see what I mean.  The inconsistency in his dominance at a low level is a big concern for me personally.  There is no doubt that Lawrence has the athletic talent and looks the part of a potential  dominating DE in a 4-3 defense.  I watched Lawrence very closely in the Shrine game and he was handled very easily and he got frustrated.  The truth is, I expected that to happen.  The biggest problem for me is when Lawrence gave up when defending against running plays.  He took himself out of plays and did not show the passion in his overall game that you would like to see from a player who is begging to be developed into an NFL caliber DE.  He looks to be a one trick pony when pass rushing also.  I guess it comes down to work ethic, passion and pride in his own game.  It comes down to Lawrence wanting to be the best on every play.  I don't see it.  I see an immature player that turns it on when someone is watching.  The last thing you need in a player coming from a low division with excellent athletic talent is immaturity.  This player has to be ready and willing to put in more work than anyone else on the team just to draw even at first.  Then they have to work harder to get better than everyone else.  If they don't have this work ethic, they will never be the player their athletic talent suggests that they can become.  I would wait for Lawrence in free agency after his first contract is up.  I would wait to see just what kind of work ethic this kid has before I would get involved with paying him big time money.  But that is just me and others will feel differently.