Drew Boylhart   3/09

LeSean McCoy   RB   Pittsburgh         



LeSean has excellent RB skills.  He has good speed, quickness and shows on film strong vision and cutting ability.  He looks to be a smart runner.  He is the type of RB that can run through the tackles with excellent strength.  LeSean does a very good job following his blockers.  He's strong in catching the ball out of the backfield and has the potential to be a franchise back providing he learns and improves a very important skill. 



LeSean is a very poor blocker.  He reads the blitz well, but he just does not block well enough to stay on the field for all three downs.  In fact, LeSean is a liability when backed up to his own end zone because he is such a lousy blocker.  If you can't trust your franchise RB to block the blitz when you are backed up to your own end zone, he cannot be your franchise back.  I don't understand why this kid is not a better blocker.  There is no reason other than he just doesn't care.     



To be a franchise back, you have to do everything to the best of your ability.  You are not allowed to pick and choose where you choose to excel.  Good teammates and RB's want to be on the field to protect their QB.  LeSean has the athletic ability to block.  He has the ability to read a defense.  So my only conclusion is that he just doesn't feel it's important enough to his stats!  All I can say to LeSean is this:  if you are not on the field for all three downs in some capacity and you do not block to the best of your ability, your teammates will not block to the best of their ability for you!  Now that will affect your stats.  I love the way this kid runs.  I love the way he gets up behind his offensive lineman and puts his hand on their backs so they know exactly where he is.  But I do not go for a kid tanking a block on a blitzing LB -- that I do not go for.  Throwing yourself at the feet of a blitzing LB is not a block.  Someone should have informed this kid of that fact.  I guess I'll have to be the one!