Drew Boylhart   2/09

Louis Delmas   S   Western Michigan         



Louis has the speed to play either safety position.  He shows an excellent burst to the ball when the play is in front of him.  He has good quickness and has the athletic ability to be a better cover safety than he is right now.  Louis is a hitter, a bit of a head hunter and likes to be an intimidator on the field.  



Louis is a tweener.  His small frame will make it difficult to bulk up to take the pounding of an in-the- box safety and his cover skills are not good enough to be a free safety.  He also is not a very strong tackler.  He just propels himself into the air and crashes into players.  That works at the college level; it will not work at the pro level.  This kid does not play smart and is not a true leader.  He will take a penalty just to make a big hit.  He is fooled by play action every time and does not understand situational football.  



This kid must become smarter and improve his cover skills or he will be just a special teams player who makes big hits as a gunner.  That's all I see in this kids future.  That is not a bad thing, but it makes him a player to draft in the later rounds of a draft.  If he can play with more intelligence, learn better tackling and cover skills, then yes,  he could be a good free safety.  I just don't see that happening in this kid's future.  All he wants to do is make the big hit.  As far as I can tell by his play on the field, Louis is not interested in learning anything else and that, my friends, is the real problem.