Drew Boylhart   3/09

Louis Murphy   WR   Florida         



Louis has good size and speed to play his position.  He shows restraint in not overpowering the mix of talent on his college team.  He looks to be a great teammate and is smart enough to let others take on the responsibility of being the main cog in the passing offense of his college team.  Louis has talent and an excellent work ethic along with being smack-dab in the middle of a prolific college passing offense.  It is a bit of an anomaly to me as to why Louis is not considered one of the top WR's in this draft.   



Louis shows up for work, but I'm not sure how interested he is in the work.  He doesn't block, he runs inconsistent routes, he is not very strong and has not improved his strength.  He does not fight for the ball emotionally or physically.  But he can run fast and looks good in workouts; unfortunately, to get drafted, that's all some teams will require in a WR with good size to get drafted.  



The truth is...I lied!  It is not an anomaly to me as to why Louis is not considered one of the top WR's in this draft.  Louis has had every opportunity to be rated right up there with the Maclin kid in this draft.  He is as big and as fast; both have been in a spread offense system that relies on quick, fast WR's.  Jeremy has taken advantage of that, while Louis has not.  It's just that simple.  Louis does have the talent, but I'm not convinced that he wants to deal with all the physical aspects of being a WR for an NFL team.  I would expect that Louis will be drafted before I have him rated because of a simple size-speed ratio.  He could turn into a good #2 WR, but I just don't see that inner drive in him to be a #1 WR.  In my opinion, there are other WR's in this draft that are smaller, but tougher and will give you special teams impact, that I would personally look at before I would draft Louis.  Maybe Louis will prove me wrong and just maybe he will be a more impacting NFL player than he was a college player.