Drew Boylhart   12/08

Malcolm Jenkins   CB   Ohio St   



Malcolm has the athletic talent and size to be an excellent CB at the NFL level.  He is smart and shows on film the quickness and strength to cover those big NFL WR's.  He also shows the ability to make plays and has good hands to intercept the ball.  Malcolm has solid man-to-man skills and toughness, but he really shines in zone coverage with the play in front of him.  He loves to read the QB's eyes and jump routes, causing all sorts of havoc for the opponents' passing game.    



Malcolm has a small problem at the college level that will be magnified at the NFL level.  He doesn't like to tackle in the open field!  It's just that simple.  He shies away and is hesitant to meet his responsibilities when tackling a RB in the open field.  He is slow to react when he's needed to come up and support the run game on the sweep.  He takes bad angles, which I think he does because he just doesn't want to get hurt.  It's not because he doesn't know better.  He is a smart player.     



I don't reward players who shy away from tackling at the college level because they look like they will be good cover corners at the NFL level.  If you want to be considered a first round CB draft pick in my book, then you had better be a good tackler.  Malcolm should be a good solid DB that has the ability to make plays, but when the big game comes, good teams will attack him in the running game and he will wilt under the pressure.  There is a reason why Deion Sanders played for so many different teams.  It was not because he could not cover and it was not because he wasn't an impact special teams player.  We all know that Deion was excellent at both.  What Deion did not like to do was tackle!


Here is the problem.  If you want to play Malcolm at the Free Safety position because he is very good when the play is in front of him and in zone coverage, then answer me this!  How can he play that position if he doesn't like the physical part of tackling?  So, then maybe the answer is to play him at the CB position.  However, in the big games, the other team will run at him and make first downs at will.  Without good tackling ability in the open field, I feel that Malcolm will be a good  #2 CB who will make plays in the passing game, but will get eaten up in the running game.  That, my friends, is not a top CB that should be rated as a first round CB -- at least not in my book!