Drew Boylhart   1/09

Mark Sanchez   QB   USC         



Mark is a very smart QB with a good arm.  He throws with accuracy and comes from a program that uses an NFL offensive system.  He shows movement in the pocket and has the athleticism to extend plays to make a pass down the field.  Mark can make all the throws.  He could be used in a WCO system or a play action vertical system like the Cowboys had when Troy Aikman was the QB.  In fact, he reminds me a lot of Troy Aikman (former QB Dallas Cowboys).  He shows very good leadership skills and understands situational football.  Mark leads by example and holds himself accountable when the play of his team is not at the level he feels it should be to win games.  He is ready for the NFL and, in my opinion, is a top ten pick.  Mark is the QB with the shortest LTI in this draft.  



I'm not sure how well Mark will play for a cold weather team.  His hands look a little small to me --  very much like Troy Aikman.  Troy was a hell of a QB, but he did struggle in inclement weather situations.  If I'm a dome team or a warm weather team, this issue is reduced in impact.  



Mark is a fourth year junior (23 yrs old) who has decided not to stay in college for his fifth year.  That is a not a player coming out early!  On the other hand, Matthew Stanford is a true Junior (21 yrs old) who has played three years and is coming out early.  Do you realize the difference in maturity from 21 to 23?  For anyone who has children this age, I know you all understand that the difference is staggering.  Pete Carroll can throw his little drive-by innuendos out to the press all he wants, but the truth is that Mark is mature enough to handle the NFL and has the talent to be successful at that level.  Don't let Pete and his immaturity sway you from looking at how Mark played the game this year.  Look at the kid on the field and do not pay attention to the man behind the curtain who calls himself the Wizard of College Football.  He does not have the answer to Mark's ability to play at the next level.  Pete has suggested that the history of Juniors coming out early should be considered in Mark's case.  In my opinion, that does not apply in this case.  Like I said before, Mark is not a true junior -- he is a four year player who has decided not to stay in school for a fifth year.  The history suggests that true juniors who have only played for three years have a problem adjusting.  Pete has suggested that Mark has not played enough college games to justify Mark leaving early.  My question to Pete is, "How many games do you need and at what level of competition?"  I mean, if we are all evaluating Mark's talent and performance so inaccurately, then perhaps the great Wizard will set us all straight!  At this point, Mark is a more complete QB than Matt Stanford (QB Georgia).  Yes, I know Matt has a stronger arm -- big frigging deal! I personally rate Mark Sanchez as a top ten pick in this draft.  His LTI will be quicker because he is the better all around QB -- he is mature and may be even smarter football-wise than Matt at this point.  Remember... to me it is all about LTI and not about frigging ARM STRENGTH!  If the Lions want to pick a QB, they would be smart to pick Mark instead of Matt.  I call him Mark (Scarecrow) Sanchez because, just like at the end of the Wizard of Oz, we all found out that the scarecrow was the smartest character of them all.  Mark is smart to come out after four years of college and his performance in the Rose Bowl.  We all know now that the Scarecrow (Mark) has outsmarted the Wizard of the College football world (Pete) and the Wizard is pissed!