Drew Boylhart   4/09

Matt Shaughnessy   DE  Wisconsin         



Matt is one of the most underrated D-linemen in this draft.  He has excellent size and strength and is a technically sound D-lineman.  He has played through debilitating injuries and has never complained or made any excuses.  He never takes downs off and gets stronger as the game goes on.  Matt is one of the best D-linemen I have seen in using his hands to free himself up.  He could become one of the best D-linemen from this draft, but he has to stay healthy and learn to stay off the field until his injuries have healed completely.    



This kid's true talents have been robbed because of some serious injuries.  As I said before, if he can heal, you will see one hell of a player.    



Matt has first round talent that has been sucked right out of this him because of injuries.  I know Matt's talent is lurking under some big time pain and a host of bad habits from playing with that pain.  The kid is a warrior.  I draft warriors.  You're not taking a chance with Matt's character like so many other players in this draft; you are taking a chance on him getting healthy.  I think it's a smart, calculated risk that I would gladly take in the second round of a draft.  Matt could be an excellent strong side DE in a 4-3 defense or be used as a DE in a 3-4 defense.  Matt also has the strength and size to put on a few more pounds and play a DT position in a 4/3 defense.  That makes him very versatile.  Matt is versatile because of his excellent overall athleticism.  It's my opinion that too many people have forgotten about this kid's pure talent and, for some reason, think that this talent has left him just because of some injuries.  All I can say to this is:  I have not forgotten about this kid's talent and I don't believe for one minute that he no longer has those talents because of injuries that other players have had and have come back from very easily. Matt just got hit with these injuries all at once -- that's all that has happened.