Drew Boylhart   1/09

Matt Stafford   QB   Georgia         



Matt has a good size and bulk to play the QB position.  He has a strong arm and solid accuracy when throwing in rhythm.  He is a smart player and shows me on film that he might have some leadership skills as well as the ability to manage the game plan.  I like the way Matt moves in the pocket and throws from the pocket.  I like the way he tries to set his feet before throwing on a broken play.  This kid has very good talent for the next level.  



Matt just has to gain experience and continue his QB growth at the next level.  His ability to become the player that we all feel he can become is directly related to coaching at the next level and his work ethic.  Is Matt mature enough to handle the money and the pressure of being the face of an NFL franchise?  Matt is a junior coming out early and the history of junior QB's coming out early in a draft and being successful is not pretty.  



Matt is coming out early and I have not heard one "expert' on the radio or TV talk about why.  All I hear about Matt from "expert" after "expert" after "expert" is that Matt is "erratic".  Duh.... he is a junior -- of course he is erratic!  That is a cop out profile of Matt.  That is a profile from people who are afraid to say that Matt will or will not make it in the NFL.  I know, and you all know, that Matt will be drafted in the top ten and maybe even the first pick of this draft.  I would not give the kid top ten money.  We all know that most QB's are drafted way too early in a draft, but if you want one, you have draft them early.  Matt, in my opinion, should be drafted in the latter part of the first round or the beginning of the second round, but that will not happen.  Maybe Matt is an exception to the Junior QB history, but for me, as a businessman, top ten money is way too much to take that chance.  Matt has very good talent and showed me a lot the way he played in the second half of his bowl game, but Matt also has a hell of a team around him and a RB to take the mental pressure off him in the important parts of a game.  When you can turn around and hand the ball off to a player like Knowshon or throw the ball to Mohamed, that makes the game a lot easier and also makes the opponent's defense key on someone else instead of the QB.  The history of junior QB's is just too much for me to ignore and there is always another developmental QB in a draft that will be just as good given the time. Sorry Matt, but in my opinion, you are coming out too early.  Not a top ten pick, but yes, a 1st rounder.  There.  Now all you "experts" can shove your "erratic" garbage where the sun don't shine.  That's how you do a profile.