Drew Boylhart   12/08

Max Unger   OC   Oregon   


Max has the athletic talent and intellect to play all the offensive line positions.  He is an excellent center with quick feet and a wide base.  He shows good lateral agility and strength.  Max keeps his feet moving when blocking both for the run or the pass.  The kid is a technician and understands how and why he is supposed to block his opponent.  He has excellent leadership qualities through his play on the field and through his obvious work ethic.  Max Unger reminds me a lot of the Hall of Fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews.  Bruce was drafted in the first round, (9th over all) in 1983 by the Houston Oilers.  Bruce played all of the offensive line positions (guard, center and tackle) before he retired.  Bruce went to the to the Pro Bowl as a guard and center.  Max Unger has this type of talent.  



Max could get a little bigger so that he could anchor more on the bull rush; however, if getting bigger cuts into his quickness, then I suggest he stay at the weight he is right now.  Give him a year to get stronger and you have yourself a hell of an offensive lineman and a leader.     



In my opinion, Max is a top ten pick in this draft and just maybe the best offensive lineman in this draft even after the Juniors declare.  Don't give me that garbage about level of competition.  That's just something thrown out so that a player will drop in the standings in the hope that the team that questions level of competition can draft the player they hope others will pass on for just that dumb reason.  Max could play LT for you as well as become a Pro Bowl center.  His strengths are his intelligence, sound technical skills, quick feet, leadership and his ability to get to the second level and block on the move.  You can use him in any type of offensive system.  He could be a Pro Bowl left guard or center; no matter where you put him on your line, he will give you everything he has.  Max analyzes his opponents very well and although he struggles a bit with a man right over him and gets bull rushed at first, by the end of the game he has his man stopped and is helping others with their blocking assignments.  He may not be a pure LT for some teams, but he still is the best offensive lineman in this draft and has the shortest LTI at any position on the offensive line in this draft.  Remember: Bruce Mathews was picked in the top ten of his draft and nobody ever questioned why because of his versatility and short LTI.  I'm calling him Max (Why Not) Unger because when you tell me that you can't draft a center in the top ten of the draft I always say, "Why not?!"  Why not pick a player who can play any one of your offensive line positions at a Pro Bowl level in the top ten of a draft?  Do you really think that they are not valuable enough?  Max (Why Not) Unger.