Drew Boylhart   12/08

Michael Oher   LT   Mississippi   



Michael has those nice long arms and legs that you look for in a natural LT.  He moves his feet well when pass blocking and has very good lateral agility.  Michael is a very efficient LT.  He is not the type of LT that overpowers his opponent in any phase of his game.  He is more of a finesse blocker who uses excellent technique when blocking for the pass.  He reminds me a lot of D'Brickashaw Ferguson (LT New Jersey Jets), when he came out -- except that Michael has more mature pass blocking techniques.    



Michael, because of his long legs, may never be an overpowering run blocker, but he does move his feet well and will be excellent in a zone blocking scheme when blocking for the running game.  The truth is, he is an excellent pass blocker, which is the priority when drafting a LT -- not run blocking.   



Like I said, Michael has just as much athletic talent as D'Brickashaw Ferguson who was picked by the Jets at the 4th position in the 1st round of the 2006 draft.  That has worked out well for the Jets and I suspect that Michael will be rated just as high.  He is a very efficient LT and that is all you ask for when you evaluate an offensive lineman who is responsible for the blind side of your multi million dollar QB.  Michael gives very good effort on every play, but because he is so efficient, when he does gets beat it looks like he has taken that down off.  I don't see that.  I just see a kid that relies on technique so much that when he gets beat, he does not scramble and use his athletic talent to compensate.  That's not a kid who takes downs off.  That's a kid who will improve the more he understands what his opponent is doing to him to break him down.  The more experience Michael has against an opponent, the better he will be.  I'm calling him Michael (Spider) Oher because he reminds me of a big Daddy Long Legs spider when he plays.  When you see a spider and try to catch it, many times you are shocked at how fast and quick that spider can move.  Michael has that same type of shock affect.  On film, he moves very smoothly; however, I suspect that when you play against him, only then do you realize how quick and fast he really moves.  Michael (Spider) Oher should have a very short LTI and a very efficient career as a LT for the team that drafts him at the next level.