Drew Boylhart   4/09

Mike Mickens   CB   Cincinnati         



Mike has good size and looks to be a strong CB with solid skills.  He is a smart player and understands his role in the scheme of his college team's defense.  Right now, Mike looks to be an excellent zone CB who understands that a zone CB's first goal is to support the run and stop a team from gaining first downs.  He will take some calculated chances and jump routes; it looks like on film that he has good hands to intercept the ball.  Mike wants, and likes, to keep the play in front of him.  With his tackling ability and intelligence, it looks to me that Mike has the potential to be a nickel-dime zone cover CB with the talent to switch over to the Free safety position and start.   



Mike definitely lacks the quick-twitch skills needed to be a cover corner in a man-to-man defense.  Break down the cushion that he plays with and he will get beat very easily at the college level.  You can imagine how WR's at the NFL level will eat him alive in one-on-one.  Mike also lacks leadership skills at this point of his career.  If everything is going his way, he is a happy camper.  If not, he is a complainer.  Mike also tackles high and that will have to change if he wants to continue to stay on the field at any position. 



Mike is a systems CB with the potential to be a starting free safety or zone CB if he gains some maturity on the field.  The only way Mike gets on the field as a starter for the team that drafts him is if he starts to show some true leadership skills.  A lot of players in this draft have as much talent as Mike; the only way he can show how he will be different from them is through leadership and becoming more of a coach on the field.  Right now, I don't see that in his play, but that is no reason not to draft him ... just a reason not to draft him too high.