Drew Boylhart   2/09

Mike Thomas   WR/ST   Arizona           



Mike is small, but very strong and very quick.  He runs excellent routes and looks to be a Wes Welker clone.  Mike shows good hands to go along with his quick in and out route running route abilities.  The kid can move the chains and has the strength and quickness to get some run after the catch yards that are so valuable on third downs.  Mike is a perfect fit for an impact slot receiver who can also impact in the return game. 



Mike is what he is.  He will not get faster and cannot get stronger.  He is an ever-ready slot receiver and special teams player.  



Some team in the later rounds is going to get themselves a player who will impact on special teams and in the slot receiver position.  He is a tough kid who can add run after the catch production to just about any route you throw.  He will be a fan favorite and a QB's dream come true on third down.  What you see is what you get with Mike; as far as him becoming anything more than a slot receiver will probably not happen.  I remember a few years back the Jets had a player by the name of Wayne Chrebet.  He was an undrafted free agent from Hofstra.  The kid's life span as an impact player was cut short because he was so productive as a slot receiver that the coaches at that time decided to put him on the field and tried to make him their number one WR.  Wayne was never the same player productive wise and injuries cut short his career (although he did play for 11 years).  Those years as a #1 WR were not nearly as impacting as when he was their slot receiver.  Mike is a slot receiver and no matter how impactful or productive he will be as a slot receiver, making him a starting WR will lessen his impact.