Drew Boylhart   2/09

Mitch King   DE   Iowa         



Mitch is not tall enough, big enough or fast enough to play his position.  In spite of that, if I need a Defensive Lineman, I would draft this kid in a New York minute.  His instincts, quickness, natural strength and ability to out-leverage and slip blocks might be the best I have seen in years.  He reminds me of a young Warren Sapp.  Mitch is a disrupter.  If you play a 3-4, 1-gap attack defense, you have to rate Mitch very high on your draft board.  His quickness and strength along with his need to beat the man in front of him no matter what defensive front you play him in is just remarkable.  



Like I said, Mitch is not tall enough, big enough or fast enough to play football in the NFL.  But, he is good enough!  



You know when you have a clog in your sink and you try to plunge it, you pull up on the plunger and before you can gain your balance and get out of the way, the water comes flying right back up into your face before you have a chance to move.  That's how Mitch plays football.  Mitch erupts off the line of scrimmage.  He might be a situational player and you might have to rotate him with other lineman to keep him fresh, but believe me when I say this kid will impact and it will not matter what down or distance you use him in.  You see how Justin Tuck uses his strength and quickness when he pass rushes?  Mitch has that same ability.  He might not be fast enough to use on the outside, but you will be able to use his quickness and strength on the inside.  Mitch moves so quick off the snap that most guards will still be in their three point stance and when they are, that will allow Mitch to use the swim move technique at which he has become an expert.  Mitch will struggle when the offensive line is not in a three point stance, but even then he will still erupt off the line and cause havoc.  I call him Mitch (Baby Sapp) King because, like Warren Sapp, he will erupt off the line of scrimmage right into the face of his opponent on every play and he will not stop the whole damn game long.