Drew Boylhart   1/09

Mohamed Massaquoi   WR   Georgia         



Mohamed is that long, lanky style of WR who has deceiving strength to play his position.  He has good speed and quickness and shows solid hands to be more than a dependable WR.  He understands situational football.  Every time I saw him play this season, he improved his route running during the season (one of only a few that I saw accomplish this).  Mohamed has improved every year.  He is quietly becoming a very accomplished receiver and I think the best is yet to come.  He reminds me of Amani Toomer (WR Giants). 



He still needs to get stronger and smarter, but this will all come in time.  He needs to get better at blocking and, because he lacks true quickness, he must learn to run his routes even better and smarter than he does now.  I just feel that all of these improvements will come in time.  He gives me no reason to think that he will not continue to grow and get better with every game.  



I'm not sure if Mohamed wants to be a #1 WR for the team that drafts him, but I do know this.  If he wants it bad enough, he does have the talent!  He seems to be quiet on the field, which may be (depending on the circumstances), a good or bad thing.  He does an excellent job of going down low and catching the ball close to the ground and does not have a problem going over the middle.  This year, his QB discovered his talent (it certainly took him long enough!).  I really like this kid's all around potential and I feel that right now you will be drafting a sure #2 WR with future #1 WR possibilities.  Does Mohamed want the pressure of carrying his team's passing offense?  That is the question.  When he drops balls or make mistakes, will he step up and play better or fall back in the crowd so that he will not be noticed?  I think this kid's got a very good chance to be a hell of a #1 WR.  I would draft him and give him some time to show me if I was wrong or if I was right.  I'm betting I'm right!