Drew Boylhart   12/08

Nate Longshore   QB   California         



Nate is the proto-typical drop back QB for the NFL.  He has excellent size, arm strength and can make all the throws.  He can move in the pocket and stand strong when he is looking right at a blitz in his face.  When you look in the dictionary for the definition of the word "sleeper", Nate's face is right next to that definition.  



Between a new coach, a new offensive system and his own lack of maturity, you have a player who got washed up in the ocean of the politics of college football.  Right now, he lacks maturity, instincts and leadership to play his position.  Add to that his "reported" nagging injury problems, a tendency to play dumb at times and you have a kid who has a lot of talent that has gone through a lot of adversity.  This can, and should, only benefit Nate in the long run.  



Let's get this straight right now.  I know Nate will not be drafted high and I do not expect him to be drafted high.  But, he does have good talent -- talent you can work with.  He just needs a good coach, some time and hard work on his part.  That's all this kid needs and he could be a big time surprise starting QB for the team that drafts him.  However, he has to get serious about learning his position.  If I were a playoff team with a good QB, I would draft Nate.  This kid has potential starter written all over him and the way QB's drop like flies in the NFL, I would think that if you want to reach the playoffs, you had better draft a QB who you think could be a starting QB and not just a back-up QB.  Ask yourself this, if the starting QB of your favorite team goes down for any length of time, do you have the back-up QB who could take you into the playoffs or do you just have "some guy" filling that important position?  Nate will not be that "some guy".  Nate has the potential to be "The Guy".  Draft him, develop him and let's all see if Nate has the intangibles to be a starting QB in the NFL.