Drew Boylhart  12/08

Pat White   WR   West Virginia



Pat White is a football player who is an excellent athlete. He is small for the QB position, but as a WR prospect, he has decent size, speed and quickness.  He has solid arm strength and throws the ball with good velocity.  He is a very smart player and understands situational football.  He has shows leadership potential through his dominant play on the field, but Pat's impact position for the next level will be as a WR/ST player who could also play QB in a pinch.  When Pat runs with the ball, he is very good at setting up blocks.  He is the type of player that can impact for your team with a limited amount of touches in a game.  He is a sleeper pick in this draft and a player who, even though he may have to change positions for the next level, will still impact very quickly for the team that drafts him.     



Pat's frame is too slight to play the QB position at the next level.   He throws a good ball, but does not show consistency on his short passes.  The offensive system he's in right now does not teach a QB how to read defenses.  Pat just takes off and runs when his first option is covered, which will not work at the next level on a consistent basis.  There is no doubt in my mind that Pat's impact position for the next level is not as a QB, but at the WR position.  He has way too much to learn as a QB and his LTI would be way out there.     



I don't know what round Pat will be drafted in, but I do know that the team that drafts him will fall in love with this kid's talent and football intelligence.  He should be an excellent special teams player the day after you draft him.  There will be a bit of a learning curve as a WR, but believe me, it will not be that long.  Pat has the potential to be a #1 WR.  He reminds me a lot of Marvin Harrison (WR Indianapolis Colts).  He has that same type of speed and quickness to go along with the football intelligence that Marvin shows on the field week after week.  Pat might be a bit stronger and bigger than Marvin and, although Pat has not played much at the WR position in college, I believe it will be very easy for him to change positions at the next level because of his intelligence.   Pat White has passion when he plays football and leaves it all out on the field. I would think that a playoff team looking for an impact player for its offense late in the first round would be very foolish to pass on drafting a player who understands how to play the game the way Pat does.  I'm sure on most boards -- because Pat is going to have to change positions -- he will be rated lower than I suggest, but remember this:  if your favorite team drafts Pat in any round, they will have drafted an impact special teams player who will turn into a franchise WR sooner than you think.   I call him Pat (Slappy) White because all the teams that pass on drafting Pat (in the future) will be slapping themselves silly they didn't draft him.