Drew Boylhart   2/09

Patrick Chung   S   Oregon         



Patrick is a powerfully built, hard hitting safety with good size, speed and excellent burst to be an impact player for the team that drafts him.  In a two deep zone he will make a WR clutch and grab for his heart before he goes to catch the ball over the middle.  He plays with a great burst to the play in front of him and shows decent coverage skills.  He is a impact tackler and will go for the hit before he goes for the ball.   Patrick loves to play up close to the line and can blitz with the best of them.  He will impact in that type of system.  He will also impact in a two deep zone system because of his hard hitting talents.   



Patrick does not have good make-up speed.  If he is in a two deep zone defense, he will get fooled for a while with play action.  The truth is...who cares?  If he gets fooled on a play, he will just take the head off of the player who fooled him on the next play!  Badabing! 



This kid reminds me a little bit of Ronnie Lott when he played safety.  Good safeties mask their limitations by intimidation.  Patrick is an intimidating safety and that's the way he likes it!  So, if your offense makes him cover the tall TE during a game, that tall TE better have his head on a swivel because Patrick will go hunting.  As far as Patrick is concerned, hunting season lasts all football season.  Patrick is not going to win awards for his coverage and may get some penalties during a game, but he is smart and knows how to work the referees and still be intimidating.  Patrick's football intelligence, instincts, and personal drive to be an impact player are his strongest attributes.  Add to that his overall athletic talents and you have yourself an impact safety and a leader for years to come for your defense.  I call him Patrick (Clutch and Grab) Chung because WR's will be clutching and grabbing their hearts before going over the middle to make a catch against Patrick.  Teams whose offense uses a lot of crossing routes had better beware because, for Patrick, those teams will be good hunting material.