Drew Boylhart   2/09

Peria Jerry   DT   Mississippi         



Peria is one of the quickest defensive linemen at his size that I have seen in a long time. Most of the quick DT's are shorter and much more stout than Peria.  This kid could be something special.  He has good feet and does a solid job keeping an offensive lineman's hands off of him.  Peria has some mature pass rushing techniques; his burst, speed and quickness off the line are his biggest strengths.  There is a ton of talent to work with and, in my opinion, Peria has the kind of unusual athletic talent does not come along that often.  He is not even close to using all of his true potential.    



Unfortunately, this kid is out of shape and overweight because somebody had the bright idea that, because of his size, Peria would be a good DT.  That was a big mistake!  Peria must get in better shape; if he does, he could be an excellent DE in a 4-3, then moved inside on pure passing downs to take advantage of his quickness.  He is not very good against the run as a DT; however, as a DE he uses his hands well and does a very good job against the run.  If you slim this kid down to 275-280 lbs, you will have yourself one hell of a 4-3 defensive end.  This kid has special talent and right now he is not even close to using all of it.  In fact, I bet this kid doesn't know how good he could be!  He must improve his work ethic, desire and football intelligence.  In the meantime, he can rush the passer on pass rushing downs and impact for the team that drafts him right away.  



A few years back there was a DT drafted in the 1985 draft.  He was the very first pick in the draft.  He was overweight and, yet still, was a dominant player for his college team.  In short, Bruce Smith transformed himself from an overweight potential defensive tackle who had unusual speed and quickness for his size into a pass rushing, 270 lb pain in the ass on and off the field, Hall of Fame DE.  Bruce Smith's workouts were a thing of legend.  He would not practice or play much in exhibition games, but he studied his opponents like no other DE had ever done before.  He was very smart.  In fact, he was smart enough to know how to last in the league for 19 years.  Peria has the same unusual quickness, burst and speed to his game.  He is overweight and out of shape and yet he is an impact player for his college team.  Can Peria be as good as Bruce Smith was?  If he works as hard as Bruce did and takes a page from Bruce Smith on how to study your opponent and become a student of his position, then yes, he could become as impacting a player as Bruce Smith was.  So the bottom line is this: does Peria WANT to be an impact player like Bruce Smith?  Will he work as hard as Bruce Smith did to become the best at his position?  I personally would not hesitate to take a chance on drafting Peria in this draft and then moving him and grooming him for the DE position.  His unusual talent only comes along once every nineteen years and for that reason alone, he is worth taking a chance on.  At worst, you have a good player who should help your team and become a force for your defense on passing downs.  At best, he could be the next Bruce Smith!!!  I call him Peria (Baby Bear) Jerry because if I'm right he could be as good as Bruce (Papa Bear) Smith and that would be outstanding.