Drew Boylhart   12/08

Philip Loadholt   OT   Oklahoma         



Philip is a tall, powerful offensive tackle with solid athletic skills.  He does an excellent job blocking for the running game.  He has good mental strength and plays with aggression.  Philip is the type of player who can be relied on to give his all on every play.  He takes pride in his play and looks to be an excellent teammate.  He uses good techniques when pass blocking and makes the most of what athletic ability he has.  Philip lives up to his name when he is blocking for the running game.  He loves to block for the run and, when he does, he is a load to handle.  



He plays left tackle for his college team, but at the next level, his lack of good lateral agility will most likely cause the team that drafts him to move him over to the right side.  He looks to be a hard worker and after some adjustment (and experience), he should be a solid RT for the team that drafts him.  



As long as the team that drafts Philip does not expect him to be their left tackle of the future, Philip will do OK.  He will be a solid run-blocking RT.  I would think that an NFL team that uses a play action offense would be the best fit for Philip to succeed.  He looks to be a nice kid who works hard with solid quickness in a small space.  He uses good techniques when pass blocking, which will help him when he is shifted to the RT position.  Give him some time and I think you will have a solid RT for years to come.