Drew Boylhart   12/08

Rashard Johnson   S   Alabama     



Rashard has good size, strength and speed for his position. He shows an excellent burst to the ball and has great instincts.  He is a solid tackler who hits with authority and uses intimidation as one of his tools to succeed on the field.  Rashard is a very smart player who makes players around him better.  He has strong cover skills; enough to cover TE's and big slot receivers, but he does like the play in front of him.  He shows good leadership skills and is the type of safety that all teams need to have a good defense in the NFL.  



He might not have the speed to play as a single safety when you bring a safety up in the box, but he does have the instincts and is very smart.  He does not have the size right now to be used close to the line of scrimmage as an in the box safety, although he does have the toughness.  



Rashard should be able to get bigger and stronger.  When he does, you will be able to bring him up in the box or leave him in single safety coverage.  You are drafting Rashard right now for his instincts, brains, leadership skills and hard hitting tackling abilities.  It's these intangibles that he brings to the game that are so unique and make him, in my mind, a player with a very short LTI.  Rashard fits a two deep safety system like a hand fits a glove, but he will be able to play in just about any type of system you want in the near future.  He reminds me a lot of Ed Reed (S Baltimore Ravens).  Rashard might not be as fast, but he has the same type of ball hawking instincts as Reed does, which is what you look for in an impact safety.