Drew Boylhart   3/09

Rhett Bomar   QB   Sam Houston St           



On film, Rhett shows good arm strength and decent size to play his position.  He has the athletic ability to move in the pocket and to make all the throws to impact and start at the next level.  Rhett needs more experience and playing time, but he does have the athletic ability. 



Rhett has questionable on-field techniques, instincts and mental strength to play QB at the next level.  Also Iím not sure how coachable this kid is.  You can see it in his play.  He does not handle adversity very well and may lack the true personal discipline in his own play to lead an NFL team through a sixteen game schedule.  He reminds me of Gus Frerotte.  Perhaps someday he could be a solid QB, but I feel that may take too much time.  



In the later rounds of this draft, I could see someone drafting this kid because he does have the athletic ability to win games.  However, at this point, I do not see a starting QB for a 16 game schedule.  Mentally, Rhett has difficulty being patient and the pressure in the pocket is just too much for him to handle at the college level much less the pro level.  He comes from a spread offense and his accuracy and consistency is a problem in that style of offense right now.  I just think this kid has a lot of football technique issues and he is just not the type of player I look for in a draft where I put so much importance on LTI.