Drew Boylhart   4/09

Richard Quinn   TE   North Carolina        



Richard is a solid TE with excellent blocking abilities that might make him into an offensive lineman at some point in his career.  He has good hands and will surprise you sometimes in moving the chains and coming up with some red zone TD's; however, his strength is as a blocker and he is a good one.  



Richard will struggle to improve himself to be an impact pass-catching TE, so don't look for that to happen when you draft him.  He is not going to stretch the field and he will not make the miracle catch 15 yds down the field.  If you throw it to Richard down the field, you better put it where he can catch it.  It's just that simple! 



Richard is an extra offensive lineman and there is nothing wrong with that.  He still needs to get quicker and move his feet better before he engages, but he should be able to accomplish this with some hard work. His workout numbers are equal to some of the offensive tackles in this draft, but he does not carry the size they do, which makes it hard to project him as a possible OT in the future.  However, you never know!  Either way, if you draft him, you should have a solid player who can help your offense move the chains either by blocking or catching the short pass.  A solid draft pick -- and if the kid has the work ethic to improve (and by the looks of it he does) -- then he will be a core player for the team that drafts him.