Drew Boylhart   12/08

Ron Brace   DT   Boston College     



This kid is a worker bee.  He is big, strong, powerful and just the type of player who is under- appreciated by the fans when it comes to having a good defensive line that is excellent at stopping the run.  Ron knows his own strengths and weaknesses and understands that he will never be considered a star.  He does an excellent job with the athletic talent he does have in pushing the pocket and causing problems for an offense in the back field.  Ron could play as a nose tackle in a 3-4 or play in a 4-3.  He is not the kind of kid you notice until the end of a game when the stats come out and he has been a big part of holding the other team's running game to under 100 yards.  



Ron is not a pass rushing DT.  He is limited to a two-down DT that stuffs the run.  He will get into the backfield and mess up blocking assignments so that others can make a play.  He does not have great feet and is a north-south DT who will not run down players from the back; however, that is not from a lack of effort.  He just is not fast.  Ron has short arms so it will be hard for him to shed a block and make many tackles himself.  In the right system, he will cause problems and will allow others to make tackles.  Injuries have been a problem for Ron, which has affected his abilities on the field to shed blocks and make tackles.  



Ron's injuries are a problem and have affected how he is able to play.  His game is not about quickness, but that can be improved if he can stay healthy.  His ability to shed a block will be the answer to how successful he can be at the next level.  The kid plays hurt, has a lot of pride and is an excellent teammate.  If his injuries are not a concern for the teams that are interested in drafting him, then Ron will be drafted higher than I have him rated now because his LTI will be cut in half.  On the other hand, if his injuries are a concern then he might not be drafted at all.  He looks to be a good kid and a solid player and could become a core player for the team that drafts him in time.  How much time is the real question.  If he is there in the fourth round and injuries are not a concern, I think you have to jump quickly, take a chance and draft this kid because all the teams in the NFL need good run stuffers.  It's kind of like stocking stuffers on Christmas day.  Good stocking stuffers can make a Christmas Morning just that much better.  Drafting a good run stuffer in the later rounds could also make a good draft just that much better!