Drew Boylhart   12/08

Rudy Carpenter   QB   Arizona St          



Rudy has solid athletic ability to play the QB position.  He has very good leadership skills and is deceivingly smart.  He looks to be a great fit for a WCO system.  Rudy reads defenses very well and seems to be more football savvy than the other players on his college team.  He is the type of player that will be a better pro QB than he was a college QB because of the seriousness that he brings to his own play and the lack of seriousness of his college teammates' play.  He reminds me a lot of Shawn Hill (QB San Francisco 49er's).  



Rudy doesn't have a strong arm, but when given time by a good offensive line, he seems to be very accurate.  Putting him in the right offense with better players will make him a better QB.  



I was never a big fan of Rudy's until I saw something recently in a game that changed my mind.  I then went back to other games of him and re-evaluated Rudy, looking at him in a different light.  What I saw was Rudy teaching a receiver what to do on a pass route that the receiver had run incorrectly.  He did not yell at him, he was not disgusted with him, he just corrected him like a coach would correct a player in practice who was new to a system.  I realized then how serious Rudy was and that he was not some blow-hard arrogant, overrated QB.  I realized that Rudy wanted to win and it was not for show.  I went back and saw how many different offensive systems he has run. I realized he never had much of an offensive line and I also recognized that most of his teammates either did not like him or were not as intense as Rudy was about the game.  It was then that I decided I had not evaluated this kid's talent correctly.  I needed to re-think this intense multi-talented QB who never seemed to have players around him that were as intense as he was about football.  As I said before, I think Rudy will be a better pro QB than he was a college QB just by having players around him that are as serious about playing football as he is.  Give him some time with a good WCO-system team and this kid will start, be productive and win.  Not all the QB's in a draft need to be franchise QB's to be winning QB's.  I think Rudy will be a winning QB at the next level.