Drew Boylhart   3/09

Sean Smith   CB   Utah         



Sean is a tall, deceivingly strong CB who has very good athletic ability to impact at the next level.  He is very confident in his abilities and right now, is a much better athlete than most of the WR's that he goes up against.  He loves a challenge.  He has good feet and understands where his help is supposed to come from on every play.  He is a leader by his play on the field and seems to have the respect of his teammates.  Sean has a good hip-flip, but he also understands that in this category, he has to play smarter to stay with the quicker WR's.  He is a good enough tackler and does a good job coming up to defend and turn in a RB trying to turn the corner.  Sean plays with good passion and aggressiveness. 



Sean is very athletic and has become impatient in trying to make big plays.  He has some very bad habits like looking into the backfield from the snap to try to jump routes.  Sean is a bit of a drag down tackler, which is OK for a CB, but not OK for a safety.  He also needs to develop better hands to intercept the ball.  Sean has excellent talents, but the bad habits he's acquired in the last year will cause him big time trouble (at first) when playing at the next level.  



Sean has big time talent with a suitcase full of bad habits that he is going to carry to the next level.  He does not read receivers on the run, looks into the back field too early, turns his hips before the snap of the ball because he wants to be able to eliminate flipping his hips during the route. Of course, he doesn't realize that this gives away the defense and at the next level, he will have to learn to play chest-to-chest or a WR will burn him like a piece of robe soaked in kerosene.  He is very confident.  In fact, he is almost too confident.  In spite of all these bad habits, you can see the talent and the ability to be a #1 impact CB for the team that drafts him.  Sean should be an excellent zone CB, but let me tell everybody out there right now.  If you're thinking that Sean could be a safety because of his size, I just think that is dead wrong.  He is a CB all the way.  The kid can cover and has the talent to cover those big WR's for the next level.  He has the intelligence to figure out how to cover the small WR's and he is not too proud to ask for help if he feels he needs it.  This kid has the CB mentality.  I'm sure he could be a good cover safety, but I think you're wasting way too much talent because Sean is a drag down tackler and personally, I do not like my safeties to be drag down tacklers.  Talent like Sean has does not come in his size very often so I suggest you coach his bad habits away and keep him at the CB position.  Once you do, you will discover a Pro Bowl impact CB.  If you are a playoff team late in the first round of this draft and you need a future #1 CB, you would be foolish, in my opinion, to pass on this kid.