Drew Boylhart   4/09

Sebastian Vollmer   OT   Houston        



Sebastian is a powerful RT and another player who improved every time I saw him play.  He has excellent athletic talent to go along with an aggressive nature and passion to dominate his opponent.  He uses his hands very well in pass defense and has good feet and athleticism to go out and seal block LB's.  Sebastian will continue to improve because of his physical and mental strength and because he seems to love the sport.  He is a pure RT with the potential to be a Pro Bowl RT and fill in at times as a LT in the future for the team that drafts him.  Right now, he is a better pass blocker than he is a run blocker because of the offensive system his college team uses.   



Sebastian does get frustrated at times when his QB leaves the pocket and doesn't stay with his blocks.  Run blocking right now is not his strength, but I feel that, with his work ethic, in a normal pro offensive line system, this will change very quickly.  He lacks the true lateral agility to pass block on the left side, but right now he is one of the better pass blocking RT's in this draft.  



Don't worry about drafting Sebastian.  Just draft him and give him a year and he will be your RT for the next ten years.  Give him a year in a pro offensive line system and he will be as good a run blocker as he is a pass blocker.  The kid is a machine; he loves using the correct techniques and gets frustrated when his techniques break down.  That is why he does not like a QB that moves out of the pocket.  At the NFL level, this should not be a problem unless the Steelers draft him!  Sebastian improved every time I saw him play and he improved even while I was watching him from one play to the next.  He is a smart kid and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  As I said, draft him and he will be your RT for the next ten years.