D' Rew Boylhart   3/09

Sen'Derrick Marks   DT   Auburn         



Sen'Derrick has good 1-gap abilities, he shows quick feet and does an excellent job as long as he is going north-south in his pass rush.  He has a great swim move and is strong in getting into the backfield to disrupt the blocking scheme of the offensive linemen.  Sen'Derrick is quick off the snap and once he gets into the gap untouched, he does scare the crap out of you... but that's about it!  



I'm not convinced that this kid knows how to tackle, has any lateral agility or any change of direction abilities.  I have never seen him tackle a running back in the hole.  But now that I think about it, I have seen him fall on a few!  He struggles to change direction and once he gets through a gap, he seems to struggle to stay on his feet.  He has not improved and shows no effort to truly work on his weaknesses.  But he can get through a gap really quickly at the college level.   



This program clones this style of DT and sends him to the NFL every two or three years.  They all play the same way and, unfortunately, none have been very effective at the NFL level.  Sen'Derrick doesn't give me pause or reason to think that he will become a very good player at the NFL level.  In the right system, he could be a rotation D-lineman with the ability to fall on someone, but that's about it as far as I'm concerned.