Drew Boylhart   2/09

Shawn Nelson   TE   Southern Mississippi         



Shawn has good size and athletic ability to be a TE at the next level.  He runs well and gives good effort in all phases of his game.  Shawn seems to want to be the main cog in an offense.  He wants very much to be the star of the show, which is a good thing.  He shows on film solid hands and a strong burst in and out of his breaks.  Shawn has good developmental potential to be a pass catching TE in a spread offense.  



Shawn struggles catching the ball in traffic.  In the open field, he does a good job.  However, in traffic, he struggles.  He is not big enough to be an in-line blocker and has not yet figured out the finesse aspect to blocking as a small TE.  



There, I said for all to hear.  Shawn struggles to catch the ball in traffic!  I'm suggesting to you that in the red zone this just might be a problem.  He also is a one-trick pony right now.  Can he get better and become an intricate part of a spread offense as a TE or an H-back?  Of course he can!  He seems to have the work ethic, but he is going to have to understand his own limitations.  Shawn, here is some advice.  Forget trying to impress everyone with your imaginary in-line blocking skills.  Just catch the ball every freaking time it's thrown to you, read defenses, pick up a blitzing LB and learn to block in the open field and you will have a solid career as a H-back in the right offense.  Do that and you will be successful.  If you keep trying to be an all around complete TE, you will get lost in the shuffle and fail.  It's all about football intelligence and hands for you Shawn, intelligence and hands.  Catch the damn ball every time and you will make an impact for your team.