Drew Boylhart   12/08

Shonn Greene   RB   Iowa         



Shonn is a quick, powerful back who has the mental stamina and strength to be the main back in your offense. He has good lateral agility and shows field vision and cutting ability that will serve him well at the next level.  Shonn has strong hands, can catch the ball out of the backfield and turn a screen play into a big play.  His strength is his powerful lower body; Shonn is not the type of back you take out of the game when you are in the red zone.  He is smart, knows how to set up blocks and understands situational football.  Even Shonn's defensive teammates love him because he keeps the chains moving and allows them to rest on the sidelines!  



Shonn just needs to get acclimated to NFL speed, which he will do very quickly.  As usual, he has to learn to be more aggressive when picking up the blitz, but I am nit picking.  Oh yeah -- he doesn't have the speed to take it to the house, as if that really matters when you are looking for a franchise back! 



You want a franchise back?  Then pick Shonn.  You want a smart back that is a leader who is a QB's and OL's best friend?  Draft Shonn!  You want a player who will become a fan favorite and has the power, strength, quickness to impact for your team the day after you draft him?  Pick Shonn!  But, if your team does not need a RB with all of these talents, then by all means, don't draft Shonn!  Let the other team in your division draft him and then you will see how wrong you were two times a year for the next five or six years.  It's just that simple!  The draft is not hard.  You don't pass on good RB's because you already have a good RB.  I can see a team passing on a player like Shonn in the first round because they have a stud RB who is young and has carried their team.  However, you are a fool if you pass on a quality player like Shonn in the second round.  Let's take the San Diego Chargers (as an example) -- a team who has Tomlinson and Sproles at the RB position.  If I were the Chargers, I would pick Shonn in a New York minute in the first round.  You want to know why?  Because the Chargers do not have a QB who can carry a team in the passing game.  The running game opens up the passing game for the Chargers.  No strong running game, no offense; therefore, injuries to the RB position are a big concern for this team.  The Chargers better have more than two franchise RB's to carry their team.  As I said, the draft is simple:  just pick the players who can obviously help your team right away.  LTI, baby... it's all about LTI!