Drew Boylhart   3/09

Stephen McGee   QB   Texas A&M         



I had not seen this kid for a while and then in the East West Shrine game, it all came back to me.  He is intelligent, has an excellent arm, good athleticism and great leadership skills.  This kid was born to be a QB.  He showed me in that game that he can make all the throws and he is a lot bigger in size than when I remember him a few years back.  He still has a lot to learn, but that goes for any QB in this draft.  Stephen has all the talent and intangibles to be an impact QB for the team that drafts him.  



I'd like to see him play from the pocket more, read defense better, look off his prime receiver and move in the pocket as he moves the safety around down field.  He is a bit of a runner right now and that will have to change at the next level.  Of course, we all know all of those improvements are needed for all QB's coming out in a draft.  Right now, Stephen does throw the ball up too much; however, in the NFL, that's what you have to do and you expect your WR to go and get it.  There is a lot of gun slinger in this kid, but you could see in the Shrine Bowl that if he has some strong coaching, there is some excellent talent to work with.  



I know Stephen will not be drafted as  high as I have suggested and that just means that if you want a good developmental QB, then look for Stephen on Rob's Board to see what round he will be drafted in.  I suspect that when he works out at the combine, Stephen might open up some teams' eyes.  Stephen could sneak into the first round because he has as much talent as Brady Quinn did when he came out in the draft.  As I said before, this is the kid you want to watch on Rob's board.  This is a sleeper QB.  He has the talent and the leadership skills to be very productive at the next level.  So look for the team smart enough to draft him because he will be their starting QB in two or three years.  He has the same kind of talent and way about him that Steve Young (former QB 49ers) had when he played.  It will be very interesting to watch where Stephen is drafted...very interesting indeed!  I didn't forget about you Stephen, but I bet others have.