Drew Boylhart   4/09

Tom Brandstater   QB   Fresno St         



Tom has as much athletic talent to play his position as the top rated QB's in this draft. He has excellent size, a strong arm and throws the ball with good velocity.  He has quick feet; he can stand in the pocket or move around with excellent athleticism.  Tom has excellent leadership qualities and is a players' QB.  By that I mean his own players love his style and will play their best to help him be successful.  Give this kid some time and you will have an excellent starting QB in the future.  He reminds me a lot of Jake Delhomme (QB Panthers).    



Right now, Tom has problems with consistency in all phases of his game.  He tries to guide the ball when he throws deep.  He is strong in the pocket, but wants to make a play so badly that he rushes and gives the impression that he does not handle pressure very well, which is not the case.  Tom is just so impatient and this is causing big problems for him at the college level.  He also loses his confidence when he starts to make mistakes and, as a result, he over-thinks the issue which shuts down his athletic talent.  The faster pro game should eliminate this problem and will be a positive for his overall improvement.   



Tom looks to me to be one of the better developmental QB's in this draft.  He has excellent potential to be a starting QB.  He does need a lot of work and it will take some time, but drafting Tom would be a smart move for any team looking for a back-up QB with the potential to be a starting QB in a couple of years.   Tom's inconsistency and impatience will turn a lot of teams off, but I truly believe that the college speed of play is too slow for this kid and gives him too much time to think.  You remember that old saying, "Don't think.  It hurts the team."?  I believe Tom thinks too much when he is on the field.  The faster pro game should help cure this problem by making him react athletically and throw the ball -- not try to guide the ball so much.  Work on this kid's mechanics and let him gain confidence in his overall game and I have no doubt he will develop very quickly.