Drew Boylhart   4/09

Travis Beckum   TE   Wisconsin         



Travis is a pass catching machine.  He is smart and has the athleticism to be a pass catching machine at the next level.  He has excellent hands and runs very good routes.  Travis is a match-up nightmare for LB's and safeties and will move the chains on third downs even if he is double teamed.  He will be your QB's best friend on the field and will become a fan favorite and a core player for the team that drafts him.    



Travis is not much of a blocker and, right now, is not quick enough in his route running to make him a WR.  My theory about drafting a player like Travis and adding him to your offense is this:  draft him and COACH BETTER.    



Travis is a systems TE who will impact if the team that drafts him uses him correctly.  Move him around, work him in the slot and spread him out wide in the red zone and you will never be sorry that you drafted this kid.  Travis thinks like a QB out on the field.  He knows how to read defense, cut off routes and make himself a hot receiver when he is not the hot receiver.  When Travis went down with injuries, the entire Wisconsin offense went down with him.  Not many players -- with the possible exception of a QB -- has that affect on an offense.  This kid bailed his QB out of a lot of difficult situations and he will do the same for the QB of the team that drafts him.