Drew Boylhart   4/09

Trevor Canfield   OG   Cincinnati         



Trevor has good size and experience.  He is a college right guard.  After hearing about how high in this draft everyone rates Trevor, I was very excited to watch him and look for a powerful RG who has tremendous athleticism, could run block, pass block, pull for sweeps, go to the next level and block LB's with the ease and grace of a fullback.  That's what I expected.  Guess what?  I got nothing near that on the film that I have of Trevor so I haven't got a clue what everyone is talking about.   



This is a kid that has played a lot of RG and does not fire out when blocking in the running game.  He gets up too high when blocking in the passing game.  His techniques for an experienced offensive lineman are not good at all. This kid is lazy and nowhere near ready for the NFL.    



I just don't get it!  Am I the only one that watches tape on any of these players?  I mean really this kid is overweight, does not move his feet once he engages.  He does not give very good effort when the play is away from him, does not stay with his blocks and I would have to say is very lazy in general with his techniques,  He cannot play center and may or may not be able to play RG at the next level.  Why draft him?  He is just a RG and, at this point, not a very good one.  I would wait for free agency after the draft and give him an invite, but that is about it!